Treatment spectrum

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Active Plate

Active plate appliances consist of plastic and wire elements, springs and screws are used to perform the necessary tooth movements.


The goal of bionator therapy is to restore oral function. This includes not only straight teeth, but also proper breathing, clear pronunciation and correct head and body posture. The bionator is used to stimulate movement and touch, training muscle functions, e.g. correct swallowing.

Functional Regulator

The functional regulator is a functional orthodontic appliance used primarily in early treatment that influences the development of the jaws and surrounding soft tissues through functional stimuli.

Metal Brackets

The fixed brace

The multi-band multi-bracket appliance consists of bands and brackets that are attached to the teeth. With the help of coordinated wire arches, the teeth are moved step by step into their ideal arch shape and perfectly aligned.

Ceramic Brackets

The fixed brace

Ceramic brackets are an aesthetic improvement over metal brackets and make the fixed appliance appear more inconspicuous.

Motion II and III

The Carrière Motion II and the Carrière Motion III are fixed partial appliances that can visibly improve the position from the upper to the lower jaw in a short time at the beginning of treatment. They are comfortable, hardly visible and with them it is possible to avoid wearing external arches (headgear).

Forsus Spring

The Forsus spring is a cooperation-independent mechanism that is mainly used in cases of mandibular recession. It leads to a shorter treatment time compared to wearing elastics and it stabalizes long-term results.


The (almost) invisible braces
Invisalign is the contemporary method of invisible and gentle tooth correction with transparent splints.


The individual mouthguard protects your teeth and jaws during the practice of “dangerous” sports. We manufacture them for professional sports (PLAYSAFE).


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