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Orthodontics is a prophylactic therapy that can give you attractive, healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. In order to provide each patient with individual solutions, that guarantee a maximum of functional and aesthetic comfort, we offer various areas of expertise. Due to continuous extensive training of our staff, we can offer our patients state-of-the-art treatment with the utmost individual care.

Areas of specialist knowledge
  • Treatment of children from the age of three onwards
    Certain anomalies can be corrected even at this early stage, when the child still has its primary (baby) teeth. Bad habits such as thumb-sucking need to be discouraged at an early age.
  • Adolescents
    At this age the growth and development of  the jaw bones can be controlled successfully and crooked teeth are easily straightened.
  • Adults
    You are never too old for beautiful teeth.
  • Preprothetic orthodontics
    In order to achieve optimal results, the benefits of an orthodontic therapy should be explored before prescribing a patient dentures.
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) therapy
    Pain in your mandibular joints can result from irregularities in the alignment of your teeth and jaw.
  • Surgical-orthodontic treatment
    Even in severe cases of innate or acquired defects, orthodontists and orthognathic surgeons can work together to restore facial harmony and improve the function of your jaw.
  • Holistic Orthodontics
    The functional state of your oral system and its connection to posture, breathing, and digestion are taken into account as part of the therapy.
  • Treatment with removable braces
  • Treatment with fixed braces
  • Bionator Therapy
  • Invisalign Technology
  • Individually designed protection for sports
  • EDP-based analysis of treatment files
  • Low-radiation digital X-ray technology
  • Digital X-ray processing
  • Non-compliance appliances
  • Self-ligating brackets
  • Our practice caters for the needs of disabled patients
  • We are fluent in English
Opening hours
MON   9 – 12 h  |  13 – 18:30 h
TUE   9 – 13 h  |  14 – 18:30 h
WED   8 – 12 h  |  13 – 18:30 h
THU   9 – 12 h  |  13 – 18:30 h

MON   9–12h  ·  13–18:30h
TUE   9–13h  ·  14–18:30h
WED   8–12h  ·  13–18:30h
THU   9–12h  ·  13–18:30h